Take the first step to change

     I took this article with great appreciation from the blog of the The praying wife. I can relate so much with this article.  I took the first step to change. My marriage was the worst one. I felt there’s something wrong with my husband. I was putting all the blame on him. Pointing my fingers to him every time we struggle. Only to find out in the end when I finally found God.  I also share the guilt in messing up our sacred vow. When I started taking few steps with my God that’s the time  I realized How beautiful my marriage is and how lucky I am to find an imperfect person to love.

“God then challenged me to acknowledge that as long as I didn’t pray for my husband, I had no right to complain, or be dissatisfied, or demand change . . . “

“It was like God was saying, ‘What kind of marriage do you really want? What kind of man are you really seeking for in your husband? How serious are you? How much do you really want it? Enough to go to therapy, read books on marriage and self improvement . . . But how about pray? You complain, analyze, are disappointed, disillusioned, ready to give up . . . while it is much more work to trust God’s timing, to stand your ground, to stay alert to Satan’s lies . . . Pray. Pray for the fathers you never had, the intimacy you’ve never seen modeled, the honesty and wholeness that is foreign to both of your families of origin.’ “

“He challenged me never to never open my mouth and complain if I am not willing to spend even a fraction of that time on my knees praying.”

” . . . And so I will pray. Not just for the sake of myself and my husband, but for my children, the new generation, I am praying for a new family history, a break in the sin of the forefathers, and a new level of health and wholeness for my family.” ~

This is really fascinating. May all the married couple realize the goodness of their partners with the help of our almighty God. Life is beautiful:)


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